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 Colorado Wildflowers & Landscapes

          Crested Butte /  Ohio Pass / Kebler Pass / Eagel Flattops

SIngle Day Technically - Based On-Location Workshops

This incredible one day tour is launched from Avon, Colorado multiple seasons throughout the year. 


The tour sets out from the stunning 11, 000 ft  to 14,000 ft peaks of the Vail Valley into the twisty narrows of Glenwood Canyon.  As the interstate ebbs and flows along the Colorado River through the intricately chiseled canyon, our route eventually passes through the historic town of Glenwood Springs, home of Doc Holliday and one of the largest natural hot spring wading pools in the world. Traveling through scenic backroads, photographers will have an opportunity to capture little known vistas,  rare vantage points of Mt. Sopris (12,966ft, Capitol Peak (14,131 ft), Pyramid Peak (14, 026 ft) and numerous  tree lined roads along the way.   Eventually winding along the Crystal River on scenic Route 133, we'll traverse across the McClure Pass, my favorite pass in Colorado; we land on a 35-mile backcountry road called the Kebler Pass that will take us through one of the largest aspen groves in the world.


Whether photographing Colorado in the spring, summer or fall, your experience on this country road will leave you mesmerised and has left many speechless. White aspen trunks in the millions for as far as the eye can see with a canopy of green or gold leaves that inspire a lifelong impact on most who visit.   Multiple stops give the group an opportunity to enjoy the aspens up close and personal. Once in town of Crested Butte, we'll photograph alpine lakes lined with quaint mountain chalets and vistas unque to this area of Colorado with such vast expanses the topography is difficult to document in a single frame.  The winding rivers and sprawling mountain ranges along the Ohio Passes give way to photographers asking to stop every few miles; weathered fencelines and country farmhouses provide visual stories of Colorado's rich history.


In July and August participants are treated to the largest wildflower displays in the state, as Crested Butte has aptly been coined the "Wildflower Capital" of Colorado. Crested Butte hosts a number of unique festivals and parades throughout the year, if time allows we'll take a few extra minutes during our lunch stop to enjoy this art-filled town.   I've spent countless hours exploring every county road, highway, hiking trail and various 4 x 4 trek throughout this stunning area of Colorado. I like to call Crested Butte my home away from home, as I feel a warmth similar to home the many times I visit each year.  


During my yearlong sabbatical from May 2014 to May 2015 I stummbled upon CB by accident and came very close to settling there as a full time resident.   I can guarantee that for most, my  exploration of the area will lead you to landscape vistas and hidden lakes that many of you have never photographed.  This land is rich in history, I will take time to share a few of my favorite stories about how the area was settled and detail the depth of which those who visit the area have come to emerse themselves in her outdoor enthusiast lifestyle.  During our time in town, you'll enjoy the land with mountain and road bicyclists, hikers, fisherman, campers, backpackers, paddleboarders, canoers and families in town here to enjoy a festival or an afternoon picnic. This tour will leave you refreshed and re-energized. The Images displayed on this page where taken along the routes of these extraordinary 12 hour workshops.  All transportation and the guided 4 x 4 jeep tour are Included; teachnique tutorials are covered at every stop with exercises designed to cover beginning through advanced skills in:


  • Professional Guided Tours with Well Defined & Explored Routes

  • Gradual & Full ND Filtration 

  • Polarization Versitility

  • ISO/ Shutter Speed/ Aperature

  • Blending

  • In-Field Fill Flash Techniques

  • Composition & Leading Lines

  • Shooting Water In Motion / Silk

  • Mid-day Shooting Success

  • Shooting in Inclement Weather 

  • Equipment Knowledge / Features & Funtions 

  • On Location Preparedness

  • Graduated Color Filters 

  • Understanding White Balance 

  • Shooting On & Off Tripod

  • Freezing Motion

  • Understanding Your Histogram

  • Marketing Your Work

  • Copyright Laws

  • Portfolio Development 






Dates: Self Drive Dates:  TBD

Self -drive means that you partake in all of the group tutorials by following in a car pool from destination to destination with full route directions provided at the start of the day while driving your personal vehicle


Shared Drive Dates:  TBD

Shared - drive dates means that you will be in a vehicle driven by me, shared with other participants during the full day or weekend tour, with insurance provided on your equipment while in the vehicle, benefiting not only from the reduced responsibility of self-navigating but also collaboratively involved in photography technique conversation throughout the entire day as opposed to designated stop exercises only.


FRIDAYS - Crystal River Mill & 4 x 4 Alpine Tours/Marble Redstone

SATURDAYS - Crested Butte, Ohio Pass, Kebler Pass

SUNDAYS-  Eagle County & Sweetwater Flattops


$100 deposit holds placement, non-refundable, but can be utilized up to 24 months in cases of cancellations.

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