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Mills, Mountains and Moving Water

 Crystal River Mill  /  Hays Creek Falls  /  McClure Pass 

Single Day Technically - Based On Location Workshop

Tour Description

This incredible one day tour is launched from Avon, Colorado during multiple times of year. The tour travels from the stunning 11, 000 ft  to 14,000 ft peaks of the Vail Valley into the twisty narrows of Glenwood Canyon.  As the interstate ebbs and flows along the Colorado River through the intricately chiseled canyon, our route eventually passes through the historic town of Glenwood Springs, home of Doc Holliday and one of the largest natural hot sping wading pools in the world. Traveling through scenic backroads, photographers will have an opportunity to capture little known vistas, capture rare vantage points of Mt. Sopris (12,966ft, Capitol Peak (14,131 ft), Pyramid Peak (14, 026 ft).  and numerous  tree lined roads along the way.  


Eventually winding along the Crystal River on scenic Route 133, the tour stops to capture Hays Creek Falls,  the quaint historical town of Redstone, Island Lake, Beaver Pond and  the historic Coke Ovens fianlly coming to rest in the town of Marble.


 From there, the tour is temporarily handed over to another professional tour company that will take us on a trek off-road into the mountains opposite of the well known towns of Crested Butte, Aspen and Snowmass into some of the most scenic and raw wilderness in Colorado. Our experienced off-road guide will navigate the  high mountain passes and low lying valleys crossing one of the most densely populated fields of wildflowers in America.  There are seven high elevation waterfalls, three alpine lakes, abundant wildlife along our incredible trek.....this area of White River National Forest and Gunnison National Forests are quiet, tranquil and stunningly beautiful.  We'll make a numerous stops along the way, some tours include lunch at the famous Coors Falls, eventually stopping for 20 full minutes to capture the Crystal Mill.


Upon returning to Marble, the tour will traverse upward to the top of McClure Pass; home of the most dramatic sunset displays imagineable. On inclement weather days, a alternate private vista will be access with sweeping veiws of the Mt Sopris range. ( Lunch & Dinner stops are not included in the price of this tour.)

Images displayed on this page where taken along the routes of this extraordinary 12 hour workshop.  All transportation and the guided 4 x 4 jeep tour are Included; teachnique tutorials are covered at every stop with exercises designed to cover beginning through advanced skills in:

  • Gradual & Full ND Filtration 

  • Polarization Versitility

  • ISO/ Shutter Speed/ Aperature

  • Blending

  • In-Field Fill Flash Techniques

  • Composition & Leading Lines

  • Shooting Water In Motion / Silk

  • Mid-day Shooting Success

  • Shooting in Inclement Weather 

  • Equipment Knowledge /  

  • On Location Preparedness

  • Graduated Color Filters 

  • White Balance

  • Shooting On & Off Tripod

  • Freezing Motion

  • Understanding Your Histogram



Dates: Self Drive Dates:   -TBD                                             

Self -drive means that you partake in all of the group tutorials by following in a car pool from destination to destination with full route directions provided at the start of the day while driving your personal vehicle


Shared Drive Dates:    -TBD

Shared - drive dates means that you will be in a vehicle driven by me, shared with other participants during the full day or weekend tour, with insurance provided on your equipment while in the vehicle, benefiting not only from the reduced responsibility of self-navigating but also collaboratively involved in photography technique conversation throughout the entire day as opposed to designated stop exercises only.  $100 deposit, non-refundable, but can be utilized up to 24 months in cases of cancellations.


FRIDAYS -        Crystal River Mill, 4 x 4 Tours/Marble Redstone

SATURDAYS - Crested Butte, Ohio Pass, Kebler Pass

SUNDAYS-       Eagle County & Sweetwater Flattops


$100 deposit, non-refundable, but can be utilized up to 24 months in cases of cancellations.

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