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Single Day Photography Workshops​

I look forward to you joining me for an exciting on-location photographic workshops in scenic Colorado.  My single-day destination driven workshops incorporate technically-based exercises focused on enhancing your skills and knowledge of photography.

While traveling as a group my goal is to stengthen the uniform understanding of:


  • Camera features, functionality and familiarization

  • The relationship between ISO, shutter speed and aperature 

  • Exposure manipulation 

  • Strength in compostion and leading lines 

  • In-field fill flash and bounce card usage

  • Successful shooting in and around inclement weather  

  • A wide range of beginning-to-advanced gradual / full frame filtration techniques

  • Understanding  histograms 

  • Travel photography preparedness and pre-planning while in the field for post production success 

  • Shooting for tone mapping and HDR aestetics


 As a group we will discuss  file storage, the organization  and categorization of our digital cataloges, safe storage practices and successful marketing strategies.  I will lead a discussion on possible ways to positively influencing and giving back to our communities with photography as a driver and invite group discussion surrounding relevant legal topics such as copyright & modeling release usage.


My single day rates are billed on a per person basis.  ALL tours include all transportation, additional outfitters tour costs, light snacks and a full day of photographic mentoring.


Single Day workshops are limited to/ between 5-10 people so I can offer a  hands-on approach with each participant.  Private tours are available upon request.  


Below I have listed the tours that are currently available for the 2016 workshop season.  Click the highlighted yellow tab below to link to a new page highlighting detailed information around that tour.  


I cannot wait to enjoy our love of photography together....

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