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Multi Day Travel Photography Workshops

My workshops are created to give new & experienced photographers optimum exposure to people, places and landscapes that tell the story of the areas we are traveling in. I seek out historical landmarks, ornate architecture, hidden “local secret” gems, and uniquely lit subject matter in the Southwestern & Northwestern United States and Canada. 


For each of my workshops, I provide photographers a detailed syllabus of each day(s) events, along with a description of what we can expect to see, experience and shoot at each stop along the way. I plan each day, personally choosing areas both on and off the beaten path, and designed our routes, with times of day in mind, that provide the widest (or most unique) opportunities of capturing dynamic light situations.  My workshop participants enjoy hands on instruction, with techniques ranging from beginner to advanced skills sets.  Workshop participants independently schedule airfare and hotel accommodations and pay independently for meals (snacks), and 3rd party jeep tours.  I take care of all ground transportation (booking, rental, insurance), gas, park fees, scheduling hotel and tour discounts , snacks and water for the entire duration of each workshop. I hope you'll join in & let go of life's responsibilities for a few days while enjoying your love for photography. I can't wait to introduce you to a few of my favorite gems!  

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