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Real Estate & Commercial Architectural Photography Pricing

I welcome the opportunity to work with you to create a beautiful residential or commercial photographic portfolio that not only highlights your space(s) as a whole, but elevates the unique lines, curves and ambiance within.

I shoot interiors, exteriors, and aerial work. There is no property too big or too small. Additionally, I welcome product shoots for magazine, online or print collateral. I am experienced in shooting with or without models (complete with releases), assist in staging and assembly, and am comfortable working in active foot traffic areas. 

I take care of scheduling, contracts, set design, photography, post production, distribution and final deliverables.  If you are reading this as a set designer, art director or agent I am happy to collaborate with you in any of these responsibilities or strictly join your team as a photography resource and artist.

Although I lean into utilizing ambient light in an effort to create a true-to-life feel in spaces large and small, I have extensive experience with both artificially lighting (with studio lights or on-camera flash), as well as photo staking with brackets, which allows me to shoot an area with different exposures and blend those images together to create a beautiful final edited exposure.  This application is my favorite go to when there are numerous light densities and Kelvin temperatures (different types of light such as neon, fluorescent, incandescent, LED or natural light emit different hues.  Because electrical, solar and battery energized lights emit different temperatures some radiate or throw off blue-green versus yellow and gold hues.) I can easily balance these differences in post-production.

While onsite, I can coordinate modeling releases if my client desires lifestyle images; I have a number of releases to choose from. I develop a schedule that allows for dusk, dawn and golden hour exposures as requested, which is Mother Nature's way of throwing her own artistic glow into our endeavor. I love creating these shots.

Time allotment varies with the size of the building or residence, the specialty shots we are looking to create, and foot traffic that may cause delays in the proposed shoot schedule. For private residences I welcome the occupants to be home; this includes pets as long as they are confined to an area to protect lighting and the camera if seated in the tripod. If residents choose to leave the property I can work with a lock box or other entry access code arrangement, with assurances all doors and windows will be secured, locked and lights are off before I leave the property. This includes both commercial and residential assignments. With over two decades of experience, your properties will be in good hands.

I launched my product marketing photography career in 1997, with my architectural marketing portfolio support beginning two years later. Safety, quality assurance and on-time delivery are at the center of my movements at all time.  I carry a $2 million general and professional liability policy, with a zero accident, incident or injury past performance record. I stand confident in my ability to work in 'high traffic' and 'dangerous on-location situations' with well developed pre-task plans in place. I have extensive experience working in high security areas, including on both the landside and airside operations areas of international airport facilities, as well major central utility plants. medical centers, and electrical/mechanical rooms that are (live) operational.




By clicking the grey button above, you will be redirected to my email.


Please share information about your upcoming shoot, including the size of your building, the date and time you would like to book the shoot, your desired turn-around date for deliverables and any other information you deem pertinent. On most residential real estate shoots my photography is delivered within 24 hours.

I routinely respond to emails within a few hours, if not immediately.  If I am on a shoot, I'll connect with you by phone or email with a follow-up connection call plan.

If you would prefer to call me directly, dial 424-443-9991




Includes light post production touch-ups, enhanced sky.

Smaller than 2400 ft: $125.00 (15 images)

2400 ft  -  4000 ft:       $150.00 (35 images) + $5 ea/addl.

4000 ft  -  7000 ft:       $175.00 (50 images) +$5 ea/addl.

Larger than 7000 ft:   $200.00  (70 images) +$5 ea/addl.

Larger than 7000 ft:   $300.00  (90 images) +$5 ea/addl.



Includes elevated post production;

Virtual repair of grass, visual repair or trimming of trees, driveway and garage tire mark removal or diminish, sky enhancements, debris/trash removal, virtual flames in fireplace.

Smaller than 2400 ft: $199.00 (15 images)

2400 ft  -  4000 ft:       $299.00 (35 images) + $5 ea/addl.

4000 ft  -  7000 ft:       $499.00 (50 images) +$5 ea/addl.

Larger than 7000 ft:   $600.00  (70 images) +$5 ea/addl.

Larger than 7000 ft:   $700.00  (90 images) +$5 ea/addl.



Residences: Premier

Includes elevated post production;

Includes all formerly included post processing edits, including a dusk/dawn interior/exterior exposure(s), photo stacking creating best practices lighting and edits; negotiated assistance in staging and inclusion of models. 

Smaller than 2400 ft:   $350.00  (15 images)+$5 ea/addl.

2400 ft  -  4000 ft:       $599.00+  (23 images)+$5 ea/addl.

4000 ft  -  7000 ft:        $799.00+ (30 images)+$5 ea/addl.

Larger than 7000 ft:   $1500.00  (35 images)+$5 ea/addl.

Larger than 7000 ft:   $2500.00  (45 images)+$5 ea/addl.




Most commercial projects are bid by their size, complexity, and staging requirements.  Baseline pricing:

  10,000 sf -    50,000 sf $ 2000          20 - 30 images

  50,000 sf - 100,000 sf  $ 3000         30 - 50 images

100,000 sf - 200,000 sf $ 5000          50+   images

200,000 sf - 400,000 sf $ 7500          starting range

400,000 sf - 500,000 sf                        special project rate

500,000 sf +                                             special project rate   

Screen Shot 2022-08-22 at 11.57.51 AM.png
Screen Shot 2022-08-22 at 11_edited.jpg
Seattle Public Library 2_edited.jpg
Emerson 6.jpg
Emerson 3.jpg
Screen Shot 2022-08-09 at 11.13.35 AM.png
House 3_edited.jpg
Kitchen View 1 Low Res_edited.jpg
©Rachel Brockey_Vantage Point Global Sam
Backyard 3 low res_edited_edited.jpg
Backyard 5 Low Res.jpg
©Rachel Brockey_Vantage Point Global Sam
©Rachel Brockey_Vantage Point Global Sam
©Rachel Brockey_Vantage Point Global Sam
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