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US & International Destination-Travel Photography Workshops

Join me for a single day, weekend, or week long destination photography workshop, where I will introduce you to beautiful and inspiring locations US and abroad, while we explore beautiful landscapes and the incredible architecture and cultures that dwell within them.  During our adventures, I will help you take your photography to the next level or enjoy the level you are comfortable in as we collaborate and creative new pieces for our portfolio's or social media outlets. I keep workshop class sizes relatively small to provide and promote  personalized learning and creative enviroments.  


My single day photography workshops are 4-10 hour field training sessions in stimulating locations around the southwest and northwest regions of the United States.  SIngle day workshops will allow for group collaboration about our photography experiences and journeys while incorporating useful tips and techniques paletable for any experience level photographer. Some of the lessons I will conduct during our time together, will  include how to judge and control natural light to your advantage, how to find the right composition when framing your subject matter and how to know when it's best to use flash, fill flash, filtration, various exposure practices and so on while you are on-location shooting. 




















The multi-day photography workshops are adventures in and of themselves.  While they are photography driven, and based in various cities and landscapes across the country, they provide opportunities for each of us to unwind, breath and enjoy our love of photographing the world around us.  My multi-day workshops are all-inclusive except for transportation from your location to the starting base point, and in some cases, dinners are paid for independently.  Otherwise speaking, everything from a group passenger van or bus and all responsibilities for it including insurances, gas and care, all accommodations, breakfast, lunches and snacks, park and attraction fees, and tour fees will be taken care of as part of the workshop fee.    These workshops allow me to offer a more in-depth, hands-on photography instruction in awe-inspiring destinations. I will lead group discussions and  offer tips and techniques, edit-and-critique sessions, and photo assignments into each day's schedule. Some of the time spent together will be in a group setting, but I always leave time for independent creative captures as well; every group is so different and our schedule, although keeping us moving forward, flexes to fit each group.


















In both the single-day and multi-day workshops, you will learn how to make compelling and memorable gallery-quality photographs—you will leave with skills you can use to document travel adventures, build a portfolio, or simply capture great images of your family.


All of my photography workshops are designed for photographers of all levels interested in improving their skills. 


See workshop locations and dates by clicking the Single-Day or Multi-Day options.

If you have any questions, or would like more information, please feel free to contact me,

I will get back to you at my earliest convenience.




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